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photo workshops

teens & adults

all levels

27/7-31/7 in Overijse (14 yo and more)

3/08-7/08 in Schaarbeek (teens only)


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27/7-31/7 in Overijse

3/08-7/08 in Schaarbeek (teens)

5 days with a professional photographer

27/7-31/7 in Overijse

3/08-7/08 in Schaarbeek (teens)

Classes in NL/ENG/FR



Ever tried printing on leaves?

We'll start with thinking about photography and light. What is it, what happens. What can we do with these techniques?

Cyanotypie is another technique we'll try in the first days of our workshop week.

The blue prints feel like magic.

And finally we'll even combine these techniques with the pinhole camera we'll make ourselves during the workshop.

Next to these analogue techniques we'll be working on digital techniques, camera techniques, lighting, posing, composition, and all other stuff you can learn in one week of photography.

You'll get in  contact with creative techniques photographer Sander de Wilde developed in his 20 yrs practice as a professional photographer and artist.

Curious about what photographer Sander de Wilde shoots?

Check it out here:

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